Recording directly within Storyline/Presenter vs. importing audio

I am curious, how many of you out there record directly in Storyline or Presenter, and how many import audio recorded from another application (Adobe Audition/Audacity, etc...)? 

My workflow is to record in Adobe Audition and do the following after editing the audio and using Adobe Audition's "Radio Announcer Voice" Effects Rack:

  1. Add markers before each "slide" while recording and add a marker at the very end.
  2. Then I merge the markers (using Merge selected markers on the Markers window pane) into range markers, which indicate the length of each clip.
  3. Then I use Adobe's Export > Export Audio within Range Markers... to export each slide as an individual clip (there is a way to do this in Audacity as well)
  4. Then I import the clips individually (or in Presenter I import them enmasse).

So, I'm wondering - is it really worth this extra work? I think so, but maybe I could just be recording directly into the slides...

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