Using Audacity with Storyline 360

May 31, 2017

I was wondering if using Audacity is the best way to include audio for my Storyline 360 course. I normally record directly from within Storyline for each slide, but it was suggested to look into using Audacity. 1) Is this tool better to use and easier for editing? 2) Does the editing have to be done before importing the file into Storyline? 3) What about recording per slide or do you have to record all the audio and then import it in?


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Walt Hamilton

1) Audacity is a dedicated audio program, so yes, it is better to use and much easier for editing.

2) I always set my original audio or video file to read-only, and when I make any change, save it as something else. That way, I can always go back to the original. With that in mind, yes, I would suggest editing in Audacity first. Then you need to save it, so SL can import the file.

3) You can record as one segment, or lots of small segments. In Audacity, you can split a long recording, or splice short segments with equal ease, so it doesn't really matter until you import it. I don't think you can afford to give up the flexibility you lose if you import it all as one recording. Of course, people who are perfect import one recording, set timings once and are done. Not-so-perfect people like me, may make several changes to one object on the way to being good enough. I can't imagine one recording for 20 (or 2000) slides, then finding out I made a mistake or needed to add a short pause on slide one and then having to change the timing for everything in the whole project.

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