Request for Articulate to have/update web page addressing End user problems

Jan 23, 2018

I teach Science and, over the years, Articulate has made a significant impact on helping students comprehend and learn. However, every year I have access problems which I must wade through to get those few students up and running - meanwhile they fall behind. I have collected some of the tips (problems/solutions to try) I found in discussion forums and put them on my web page so students and parents can try them before contacting me. However, I am sure that my list is woefully inadequate as it is difficult to find the right search terms to find these on the forums and I want to be ahead of potential problems so I wouldn't even know what to look for. I upload my articulate files to amazon S3 sp there are no LMS issues that are involved. I would love, love, love if Articulate had ONE end user page that would be maintained/updated with new fixes to solve common problems that I could either direct my students to or that I could use to post the info on my site. If they can't view them it doesn't matter how wonderful my Articulate modules are!

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