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Apr 02, 2011

I'm working on developing application based elearning for a software company which develops pharmacovigilance and clinical trial software. The application for which I’m developing the elearning is a big one. I've searched the internet for resources and best practices for developing elearning for application based training, but couldn't find enough materials. Most of the resources are for developing content based elearning or how to use specific tools to record the screen. Could anyone please guide me in the right direction?

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Robert Kennedy

Hi Nikhil,

I am not sure if there is one specific way to do this.  This is probably why you can't find much.  Recording the screen is probably going to be much of what you will find.  But, as far as planning what you will record, I'm sure it will be helpful for you to outline the process you want to use.  Ask the questions about what are the essential pieces of the application that make it work.  What are the things the user needs to ABSOLUTELY no in order to function? What are the basics, the nice-to-knows?  

If possible, I would find an expert in the application if you are not one yourself and then determine a task that I want to accomplish and record how the app helps me accomplish that task.  You might make a list of tasks.  You might determine if you want to to just record the screen or if you want to make it a scenarios based demonstration.

There are lots of things you can do.  Can you share a bit more about what your expectations are?

Nikhil Joseph

Hi Robert,

Thanks for your comments and sorry for being this late.

The software is used for regulatory affairs management of pharmaceutical companies. The earlier approach our team adopted was following the user guide of the software.We didn't use any scenarios, but simply followed the structure of the user guide to develop the e-learning course as the time given to develop the course was less. The customers/users were not happy about the course as it was simply the digitized version of the user manual. So, ultimately we are having discussions about introducing the business challenge first and then introducing each feature/functionality of the software using scenarios to address these business challenges. Right now we are working on the TOC for the course.  Are there any best practices for structuring the content for software training?  What should be included before teaching the task or how it should be structured from introduction to summary?

In the comments section of this post from Cammy  Bean's blog I have read that instead of teaching how to click and select the options of the software, the course should teach the underlying model of the software, but I didn't understand that approach. Do you know anything about that approach? Please add your comments on this.

The initial TOC we developed is as follows:

Module 1: Introduction to the Software

  • ·        Pharmaceutical industry and drug development life cycle
  • ·        Regulatory affairs
  • ·        Business challenges
  • ·        Introduction to the software
  • ·        Features
  • ·        Benefits
  • ·        User roles
  • ·         Work flow in the software

Module 2

  • ·        Business challenge
  • ·        Scenarios for each task

Module 3

  • ·        Business challenge
  • ·        Scenarios for each task

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