Restricting Navigation (removing prev/next buttons) Opinions

Mar 09, 2016

Hello eLearning Heroes!

A client of mine is asking about removing prev/next buttons in a course, to not allow the learner to skip through the content. My first reaction is the feeling of frustration that I would feel, as a learner, that I couldn't explore the content. However, I wondered about other opinions on this, as well as if anyone knows of any studies that have data regarding how this might affect learners.

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David Price

I think a lot of it depends on what the content is.  I am pro free movement around a course, however at times it is required to remove next/back buttons so that the user gets the correct information in the correct order.

I suppose one way you could do it is to have different sections with a menu up front that takes you to the first slide of each section (scene).  On that first slide you can do a check if the prerequisite slides have been viewed and display a message to the user to explain that they should visit sections A, B and C before they view section D.  Your slide could then explain why it is in their benefit to view the other sections first.

Just a thought but at the end of the day if the client is adamant about it there isn't much you can do except explain the pros and cons of each way of doing it.

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