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Richard Watson

Sure. Here's a quick example of one way to approach it.  With Storyline, there are always multiple approaches you can use. In this sample, I just created three separate quizzes that covered a specific category. For each quiz, I created a results slide. For the final summary of results, I created an additional results slide that includes information from the others. Not sure what version of SL you are working with but this example is in Storyline 360.

Narissa Kentfield

Thanks, sorry I don't have access to Articulate on my personal computer only at work. So when participants complete each quiz, they see the results slide for each one and then one final one at the end? Do you know if it's possible just to have the one results slide?

Thanks for the example it's really cool!

Richard Watson

You should be able to view in any browser using the link below. I modified the original .story file to "remove the results slides" so the user only sees a single results slide at the end. Keep in mind that the result slides for each quiz are still there, I just created a trigger on the Incorrect/Correct button on the last slide question's feedback layers in each group to go to a different slide (bypassing the result slides for the learner).