Results Slides don'ts show correct percentages


I have a Results Slide in my Articulate Story Line project.

I want the learner to be able to see the Your Score or Percentage they achieved

And the Passing Score as 100%

I am new and don't understand the variables that go along with this. 

In the Results Slides Property I've selected Calculate Results:  for selected questions.

I've checked all questions.  I have three True/False and three Multiple Choice questions.  

I've selected a passing score of 100%

I have a trigger that states:  %Result.ScorePercent%%(%Results.Score Points%points) In Trigger wizard conditions it states: Results score points is greater than or equal to result pass points


Next trigger states: %Results.Pass Percent%%(%Results.PassPoints%points)

Second trigger wizard condition states:  Result Score points is less than result pass points

 However, the percentages don't follow any math. 

6 questions, and if the learner gets 5 incorrect it still shows a percentage that is like 92.3%.

 How do I understand the variables and what trigger wizards I need to add to do a basic results slide that just shows Your Score and Passing Score with the objective being 100% ?


 I've included the file and a MS Word Document with screenshots.  PLEASE HELP!



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Allison LaMotte

Hi Nancy,

The results slide is made to work automatically, so there's no need to set up extra triggers or play with the variables. It sounds like you may have done that, which could be why there's an issue. I would suggest deleting your results slide and reinserting a new one. This time, simply adjust the passing score to 100% and see if it works as expected.

Let me know if you still see an issue after you've done that.

Nancy Wisniewski


I deleted the old results slide and created a new one.  

I entered on Result Slides Property: 

Calculate Results for:  Selected Questions

I have 6 total questions:



Multiple Choice that's yes or no



Multiple Choice that state I accept and acknowledge

I included a User Score text box, which automatically populated the formula


I included a Passing Score box by pressing the button which automatically populated the formula (%Results.PassPoints% points)

When I complete the quiz it states  that my Passing Score is out of 130 points.

If I miss 4 out of the 6 questions or get 2 right.  My percentage should be 33%

However my User Score states that I've received 110 points or 84.61%

And a Passing Score includes 100% out of 130 points

I included a review button.

How does Articulate Storyline calculate or populate these percentages?   

I've attached my file and screenshots.  I did not include any triggers or variables. 


I've entered no Conditions or triggers other than what populated automatically.


Please advise.