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May 06, 2013

Hi Everyone

Wondering whether anyone has seen any good examples of elearning courses around career planning or resume writing? Hoping someone can point me in the right direction to some examples.  I need to convert a current f2f program to online course around resume writing and career planning. I have course content but it would be good to see some interesting ideas on how I could make this course interactive - it is a sensitive area for most plus most people feel that they already know this content - so I want them to takeaway additional ideas and information that will prove useful to them. 

Thanks for your help in advance - much appreciated!



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Natalia Mueller

Hi Ruth! First of all, a warm welcome to E-Learning Heroes! I don't have an example to show you but are you interested in opening the topic up to discuss ideas? There have been some great community suggestions around these types of courses. When the topic and content is so familiar, it's easy for learners to treat them as "throw away" or "check the box to show HR I took it" courses. Those can be great opportunities to introduce a different approach.

One of my favorite ideas I've seen come out of past discussions (and I hope I get to use it myself at some point) was the suggestion to deliver it as a story about a person doing it wrong - really wrong. Then you have options for how to present the feedback from each bad decision the character makes. You can lay out the direct learning points from your f2f content, or something I really like is to provide a consequence to the poor choice and let the learner infer the teaching point.

Let us know if you're interested in more suggestions. I bet the community will have all kinds of good ideas for you!


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