Can anyone direct me to examples of mentor training courses

Aug 04, 2013

Hello Heroes

I am wondering whether anyone can direct me to some good elearning mentor training courses.  This is my first time writing a course in an online environment and whilst I have some good ideas, it would be great to see how others have approached this topic.



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john faulkes

Hi Shavaun,

I am on the way to completing a mentor course. There is a demo of a small part of it here:

My approach is very much based most of the way through on presenting business situations from a case study and asking 'what would you do?'...followed by feedback and tips.At present it's designed for a fairly conservative corporate environment.

Happy to discuss further.



Shavaun Petrie

Hi John

Thanks so much for sharing!  I like how you have approached it from a case study perspective.  It's given me some ideas about how I might change some of my content to reflect this.

Is your mentor course going to be one module or many modules?  I am trying to provide training to a specific discipline of healthcare workers who may not necessarily receive additional support from their workplaces (whom the organisation doesn't have great influence over).

Look forward to hearing from you


john faulkes

HI Shavaun,

I'm not sure of the connection between modules, and the workers who haven't got support from their workplaces? Are you thinking about additional content? 

But let me tell you anyway about my plans...

I am planning to create several different versions. One will be a fairly short package with the content focused on aspects of mentoring, as shown in the demo I posted. Five main sections you can see in the main menu (of which two are present in the demo at the moment). This is aimed at people inside organisations who are mentoring junior people. I haven't thought of mentoring outside of this environment yet. The managers I'm thinking about who are candidates for this learning, would not tolerate any more content than this.

Another version will be built into a wider suite that includes other skills. For this I will be using a common set of three case studies (rather than just the one), episodes from which will be used by all the modules at various times.

Last thing to say, my plans are all very well, but if a client wants something specific added or developed, then I will do it.

Happy to discuss further


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