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I have been playing with Power Point 2010 and I'm finding out that once an animation is played, it's rather difficult to rewind it. Point in case, say I'm on a slide and my animation plays. After the animation has played, I don't want to rewind back to the beginning of the slide; I just the user to hit a rewind button and then play the slide animation again if desired, however I'm not finding an easy way to do this. This is easy to do in Flash but MS is making this a pain in the neck. Honestly I'm about to code my project in Flash and ditch Power Point. Am I missing something here or am I missing an easy step.

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James Brown

Never mind... I solved my own issue..For those inquiry minds who want to know here is the solution I came up with.

Either create a blank (or a copy with no animations) and give it a auto
animation of zero seconds. Place before the slide with animations and link to
this slide


Make the animated slide a custom show and link to custom show.


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