Right sizing a file for an LMS

I am using Storyline. I have a class that exceeds the 5MB limit of the LMS we use. The class right now is 8,694 KB. I spent a week reworking it from over 14KB. How do I find out what portions of this class still need to be reworked to get the file size lower? The class has 42 slides 16 are quiz slides (T/F, Multiple choice and a Results slide). The tutorial slides have text presented by animation. Probably 80% of them also have some narration. How can I determine which specific slides in the class can be reworked for the biggest benefit? This class was a PowerPoint class in prior times. It was a lot easier to deal with than right now. 


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Ralph Nichols

I have published the file several times. I rework it and it is getting smaller but this is taking days of effort. How can I tell what the sizes of the various components of the file are? If I knew which portions were larger or smaller I could get the result I need (5MB or less) much quicker than how I am going about it now. The PowerPoint file that the Storyline class was built from is 494KB. It has animation and text but not narrative because the class was instructor-led. When I imported the file into Storyline originally it became huge, over 16KB. The PowerPoint file had 5 tables and 3 forms. When they came into Storyline they were all converted to Pictures in Storyline along with the PowerPoint custom bullets.. That can account for some of the file size increase. I removed the bullets and replaced the tables with text boxes in Storyline. I can't do the same thing with the forms though. Part of the tutorial is spent on how to fill each form out properly. I need the forms in the tutorial.

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Steve Flowers

Sounds like a default upload limit on the host. 5MB is likely going to be constraining for any package containing media. If you have access to the host configuration, change the limit. If not, request that the host increases the limit. This is relatively easy in PHP and Windows based environments.