Right sizing a file for an LMS

Feb 09, 2015

I am using Storyline. I have a class that exceeds the 5MB limit of the LMS we use. The class right now is 8,694 KB. I spent a week reworking it from over 14KB. How do I find out what portions of this class still need to be reworked to get the file size lower? The class has 42 slides 16 are quiz slides (T/F, Multiple choice and a Results slide). The tutorial slides have text presented by animation. Probably 80% of them also have some narration. How can I determine which specific slides in the class can be reworked for the biggest benefit? This class was a PowerPoint class in prior times. It was a lot easier to deal with than right now. 


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Ralph Nichols

I have published the file several times. I rework it and it is getting smaller but this is taking days of effort. How can I tell what the sizes of the various components of the file are? If I knew which portions were larger or smaller I could get the result I need (5MB or less) much quicker than how I am going about it now. The PowerPoint file that the Storyline class was built from is 494KB. It has animation and text but not narrative because the class was instructor-led. When I imported the file into Storyline originally it became huge, over 16KB. The PowerPoint file had 5 tables and 3 forms. When they came into Storyline they were all converted to Pictures in Storyline along with the PowerPoint custom bullets.. That can account for some of the file size increase. I removed the bullets and replaced the tables with text boxes in Storyline. I can't do the same thing with the forms though. Part of the tutorial is spent on how to fill each form out properly. I need the forms in the tutorial.

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