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Tabatha Dimas

When I tried your link in IE, I received an error that the web page won't show because I may need to log in. When I tried in Firefox I got this error:

<Error><Code>AccessDenied</Code><Message>Access Denied</Message><RequestId>B89501FAC4795E2C</RequestId><HostId>Q4pNqq2Kvg9119lQ/lxlFdnL+i/ozsOLM7cuIoudhGE0/B9hMksdYOOqWxxbN+KtBLWEnjKrc1w=</HostId></Error>

I see you are using the Amazon S3 service, which I have just set up an account with this past weekend to try to host my published courses to build a portfolio. In my testing, I keep getting that same error even though I have set the bucket and individual file permissions to allow everyone access. I have created a Google web site and am trying to link back to the Story.HTML file to launch the course with no luck.

I am having no luck understanding the Amazon help techo-babble and any associated YouTube videos don't show how to associate the S3 to Google in the way I need it. I am assuming that I need to convert the S3 file URL to include some sort of EMBED code (much like I have seen on YouTube examples for embedding into WordPress) but I just can't get it. Although I am not sure that an EMBED code is actually necessary since I'm not actually embedding the video in Google. I'm just trying to use a URL to launch from S3.

Does anyone have any very simple, step by step instructions on what needs to be done in S3 to correctly set the Bucket and file permissions and then what do I have to do in Google to link back and launch without requiring a log in? My end intent is to provide the Google site to others who can navigate my various pages and on my Work Examples page be able to watch published content (generated in both SL2 and Captivate).