Sanity Check:Studio '09 owner buys SL w/ PMP, but then NO upgrade?

Soo, I totally could have SWORN that , at least at the TIME (May 2012) when I purchased Storyline AND the Platinum Support. That they were SEPARATE things, and that, as (also) a Studio' 09 owner, I would be be able to get (one) free upgrade for/to/of the next major release... that now being, Studio '13.

Now, I realize that:

(1) this was 16+ months ago

(2) the PMP's FAQ says:  "Platinum Membership Plan subscribers qualify for an upgrade to the product associated with their Platinum Membership Plan"'

buuuuuttt... ?  Have I been / was I smoking crack?! 

Thanks much,


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Alison  L.

hil Mayor said:

Have you tried to upgrade?

You likely need to contact customer support

ABSOLUTELY, and is what has prompted this post. Because, as I say, I coulda sworn I was told/ sold on the fact that with the "new" Platinum Support purchase (combined with already owning Studio '09) was NOT tied to a particular product. (Obviously it is NOW)..

So I came here in hopes of finding anyone to either confirm ("Hey, I remember that too! WTF happened??") or deny ("Um, nope. I bought SL when it came out ... and got the PMP too, and they never told ME that. You were/are smoking crack.")  whether, at least at  SOME POINT, it WAS :

purchase of PMP + purchase of PMP x (already) owner of Studio '09  = 1 free upgrade of the next major release (in this case = Studio '13)


Steve Gannon


The PMP is tied to the product you purchased it with. If you bought the PMP when you purchased Studio 09, then you would be entitled to the upgrade to Studio 13. But if you bought it with Storyline, only an upgrade to Storyline would be available with that PMP. Here's the page with the PMP FAQ that explains all this and more.

Without the PMP, a Studio 09 user can upgrade to Studio 13 for half the regular price of Studio 13 (when you go to the store and select Studio 13, use the dropdown box to select Upgrade).

Even if you only purchased the one year PMP but did so more than a year ago, you can still upgrade the product you purchased the PMP for. From the FAQ: "If your term expires before you receive your upgrade, you can redeem your upgrade when the next major version of your software is released."

Hope that helps...

Nicole D

I bought Studio ’09 Pro during your free upgrade promotion, how do I get Studio ’13?

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