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My apologies in advance if this question has been answered previously. I have searched and could not see anything.

I am developing several courses and have only used Articulate Storyline 2 for two other projects. On developing my new courses I was wondering whether I should arrange my learning module into multiple scenes or not and what the difference/s would be. The courses will be mostly linear in learner advancement with a short quiz/s throughout.

For example, is it best to create an introduction scene then one additional scene for each sub topic, or, is it best to do all this in one scene with some branching to each sub topic?


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Wendy Farmer

No worries Dennis hope that helped you.

Just remember your triggers for navigation when you have scenes - the last slide of a scene needs to have an appropriate trigger to get it somewhere - if you use 'jump to next slide' it doesn't know where to go (trick for new players - happened to me ;-)