Screen Capture from another device

Nov 11, 2016

I work for a medical device company and we have a product monitor that we use to interface with our device. I'd like to connect that monitor to my computer, and use Storyline 2's screen capture capabilities. From what I can figure out, to use SL2's screen capture, I have to get the device to "seen" on the same computer as the one that is running the SL2 software. So currently I'm running a USB cable out of the product monitor and trying to connect it to the PC. I think I need a video capture card in my PC, to allow for the product monitor to be "seen" by the PC, so that SL2 can capture the screen recording. Has anyone ever done this before? If so what card did you end up getting, and what software do you use so that the device interface can be seen on the PC : )


Dan K

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