Screencasting Resolutions

Hi all,

I've been reading the past post here and on Tom's Blog about screencasting.  I have a few questions I hope the community can assist me on.

  • 1024x768 still the optimal resolution for screencasting software tutorials?
  • 16:9 vs 4:3 (shouldn't we be creating for the 16:9)?
  • What dimension should the Storyline Size be if it's captured in 1024x768?  I want the user able to see the screencast (software tutorial)
  • Anyone have any current examples to view or tutorials?  Tom had one on creating a desktop background image and sizing the screencast to that, but I didn't see any mention of embedding it into Storyline (size of the storyline project.

I appreciate any comments or suggestions to these inquiries. 

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Allison LaMotte

Hi Chris,

I would say that the optimal size depends on the size of the average learner's screen. I would talk to your IT person and find out what that is.

I recommend choosing the same size for your screencast and your story whenever possible.. If you record your screen at a larger size, it will automatically be resized when you insert it, making items on the screen seem smaller and harder to see. If it is possible to resize the window of the application or whatever you're recording so that it is smaller and fits inside the recording area, do so. If that is not possible, try recording your screen using the same aspect ratio as your story size, to limit the image degradation when it's scaled down (see Tom's explanation here). 

Here is a tutorial on how to record a screencast with Storyline and insert it into your project.