Screenshots in PPT storyboard are importing to SL scaled differently

Aug 08, 2019 goes a long and twisty explanation of what I'm experiencing. :-)

  1. I'm capturing full-screen screenshots on my PC at 1600 x 900 using SnagIt.
  2. I'm storyboarding in PPT. The presentation size is exactly as it needs to be for the 1900 x 600 screenshots to be at 100% (size) when I paste them in from SnagIt.
  3. Then, I have a Storyline project sized to be at 1600 x 900. BUT, when I import the PPT storyboard, the screenshots come in at 78% and the quality shifts from super clean to a bit fuzzy. I want to keep the screenshots at 100% all the way through the process.

Even though the PPT and Storyline file seems to be a match(?)...why would the screenshots come in scaled differently?


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Phil Mayor

Is that in inches? Sorry my PPT is set up in cm's

That looks like the default size if I convert to inches which is 1280x720 that may be why they are coming in smaller, what I don't understand is why they show as 100% in PPT, it maybe that it is pasting to the slide size rather than the actual size. Or I could be completely wrong.

Doug Mattson

So...I've found that if I bring the image into PPT from SnagIT at 1280 x 720 (with PPT setup at default wide-screen) that I will need to set up my SL slide size to 2048 x 1151 in order for the images that are being brought in from the imported PPT to be at 100% scale (and fill the screen).

It could very well be that I'm not understanding the relationship between screen resolution, dpi and scale. Whew. :-)

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