Script template for instructional video?

Does anyone have experience with scripting for instructional videos? I have completed several projects recently that involved short (3-5 min) videos with speaking actors, and am still trying to find the perfect script template that clearly includes all information on actions/shots, dialogue, and voiceover narration/titles/graphics if needed. Any suggestions or examples would be appreciated! 

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Nicole Legault

Hey Leigh!

Great topic! I personally haven't had that much experience writing scripts for narration, however I found some good past forum discussions that you might find useful:

Hope this helps a bit! And looking forward to seeing what other community members have to offer up!

Tim Slade

Hi Leigh,

Great question! I've actually had a lot of experience with writing scripts for video productions. While I was with Kohl's Department Stores, we incorporated a lot of video into our e-learning courses. During that time, I learned that the scripting process for live-action video differed greatly from writing a storyboard for slide design - if that makes sense. 

I would suggest taking a look at some screenplay templates. Here are a few good resources that I've found:

How to Format a Screen Play

Google Doc Screenplay Templates

The major difference between writing a live-action script from an e-learning storyboard, is the formatting and what information is included. For example, at the beginning of the script, it's a good idea to write a short paragraph establishing the scene. Who are the characters involved? What are they wearing? What are they doing when the scene opens? Does the scene fade in? What is the location?

From there, you write each character's line of dialogue, with directions to indicate pauses and other actions in parenthesis. Throughout the script, you may also want to write notes about specific camera angles, etc. that need to be included.

Lastly, it also helps to take the script and create a shot list of everything you need to shoot by location. This can help you organize your time and make sure you don't have to shoot in the same location twice. I'd also suggest taking the opportunity to take any photography you may need while at the photoshoot. Again this saves time and allows you to get photos that will match your video. You may not think you'll need the photos later, but trust me they're great to have. It's no fun having to mock-up a photo from a screenshot taken out of the video!

Let me know if you have any questions. I'm happy to help!