Seattle E-Learning/Articulate User Group

Aug 24, 2015

Hey all,

I moved to Seattle last week and I would love to start up a user group (if there isn't one already). I know there is already an elearning meetup, so maybe we can join efforts.  


Anyone interested?

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Mary Cropp

Hey Linda,

An Olympia (and Spokane) group is a good idea.

As noted above, there's a more general elearning get together next week here in Seattle. I'm going to gauge interest and start planning for an Articulate User group (maybe it will be a sub-group of this larger elearning group, maybe it's own thing...). I'm happy to share with you the next steps for us here in Seattle if you think that would help you get things off the ground in Olympia. Let's keep in touch. 


Melissa Milloway

I feel like it would be awesome if it were a special interest group as a part of the main elearning group. It could almost be it's own track that occurs regularly because I feel like to get the most people interested/attending we need to consolidate efforts (even with the other groups) because I keep seeing all of these other groups popping up. I wonder if there is some way to get everyone to talk. I'm going to see at the Amazon one this week if we can all work together.


Melissa Milloway

Hey all, I'm working with a team to put together an elearning dev workshop. Based on community data we collected, we want to do a session on interactive video in Storyline w/ xAPI tracking. We will provide you with all of the source files. You will only need to bring a laptop with Storyline installed (if you don't have it you can work with someone else). Dates to be published shortly! The interactive video piece was inspired by one of David Anderson's sessions on Storyline at DevLearn. I figured it would be a cool instance to use xAPI.


Melissa Milloway

Hey all, more to come shortly. We are planning for a workshop on Dec 3. This workshop will be on interactive video and xAPI. We will be creating an interactive video, publishing the file, and adding the specs to the published files that will allow us to track the interactions we create.

Tentative agenda 2 hour workshop for free: 

- Brief 5 min overview on what xAPI is.
- We will show Storyline and xAPI out of the box that comes with Storyline, we will then show custom and demonstrate how we used interactive video with xAPI,
and list other possible things we could track in interactive video.
- We will then build the interactive video.
- Will will then go over the publishing settings and publish the course.
- We will then locate the published files on our computer, then we convert the package.
- We will then we show outcome on LMS/LRS.
- We will then give everyone the steps to do upload to the LMS/LRS themselves at home.

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