Seattle E-Learning/Articulate User Group

Aug 24, 2015

Hey all,

I moved to Seattle last week and I would love to start up a user group (if there isn't one already). I know there is already an elearning meetup, so maybe we can join efforts.  


Anyone interested?

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Katie Delgado

I started one in Olympia! :)

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Katie Delgado

Yes!  Here's the link to our LinkedIn group~

We've met twice so far and the information has been invaluable.  We did a training on how to make eLearnings accessible for blind individuals at the last one and discussed the legal requirements that are coming.  and we did this over beer!!!  It's the best.  

Alisha O'Hara

That's great to hear Amy! I had seen the roadshow listed, and wondered if it would be good for me to attend. I appreciate hearing your feedback as a past attendee! I'll see if we can work it in the budget. 

It looks like Olympia has a pretty great group! Is there nothing going in Seattle similar? I'm happy to start a group if there isn't one already. I'm open to trying to make it to Olympia, but would love something closer. 

Amy Crandall

If there is a user group here in Seattle, I don't know about it! I would think we could get some interest in something closer to Seattle.

If you want to contact me outside of this forum, I would be happy to provide more feedback about the roadshow/user group.

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