Security Certificates and Company Name

Apr 12, 2017

Hello Everyone,

I am looking to get Security Certificates like McAfee Secure and Norton Secured by VeriSign etc. I haven't needed to get a security certificate in many years. I wanted to know if I applied and got a security certificate for (trading as "Get Gadgets") would the security certificate show my legal entity name e.g "ABC Ltd" or would it show my "Get Gadgets" name? Because although the legal entity is a limited company (UK) but I am "trading as" Get Gadgets. 

Does anyone know the answer to this question?

Thank you.

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Ryan Newman

Hi, Thank you. I have a bit of a dilemma. Maybe you guys can give me your opinion on it?

If website is and say my legal company name is "RyMan Ltd" or RyMan LLC, then on the address bar I assume it will show RyMan Ltd. Now the problem I have is with perception and what I see companies doing. If I go to and see the security lock on the address bar  it shows " LLC" now the majority of companies that I see (web companies) will often have their legal name the same or very similar to the web address name. I can't find many examples where its different? And I am wondering if have my legal name which is very different to my website or "trading as" name then will it cause trust or perception issues?

Before I consider changing my company name or setting up a new limited company for this project I would like to get some thoughts on this. Thank you.

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