Seeking a Storyline 360 Developer for a Project

Jul 06, 2021

Hi there,

This is a revised proposal to better match the need.

I have a project and need an experienced Explainer Training Video with Motion Graphics developer to help with a course about our company culture (

We do not want a PowerPoint approach. For example, no bullet points or text-based paragraphs that the learner reads or listens to.

The course should be interactive and make use of animations and graphics to present the content.

Animation and graphic elements should use instructional voice-over narration so that the learner does not need to read the content and appropriate graphics that reflect the concepts (e.g., share the journey), and scenario-based behaviors.

Where applicable, short video snippets can be used where a person can speak to the content.

While durations are given for each module, there is flexibility to shorten or lengthen the module in order to successfully achieve the objectives.

The Company Culture Course will include six modules:

Introduction 15-20 minutes
Safety 15-20 minutes
Compassion 15-20 minutes
Professionalism 15-20 minutes
Faith-Filled 15-20 minutes
Recap 15-20 minutes

Times allocated for the completion of a module are approximate times and recommended minimums.

You can reach me at

JC Caianiello, Curriculum Development Manager


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