Seeking Creative Ideas for Live Virtual Classes Using Articulate 360

Jul 29, 2020

Hello Articulate Friends-

I am a trainer for a large organization. In the past, our curriculum was a blend of online modules, in-person and virtual sessions. With current circumstances we (and probably most of you)have moved all in person sessions to live virtual session.  Articulate 360 has been so fantastic for the caliber of our modules and you are all so amazingly creative, it got me wondering this: How have you found new ways to use Articulate 360 to enhance live training on platforms such as Zoom, Adobe Connect, or Teams?

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Josh Farquharson

Hi Amy,

I enjoy creating creating custom learning games, branching scenarios, simulations and other engaging interactions with Articulate 360 for use in web meetings. Here are some tips: Prepare an interaction in advance, then during your presentation, share your screen with learners, and allow them to participate (guess an answer, state an action to perform, etc.). Imagine if customers have a common complaint, and you're training your team how to handle the complaint. Create a fun branching scenario, screen share with your team as you perform the commands stated by your team (you're in the drivers seat for navigating the interaction), and provide them with feedback. After the web meeting, give them access to the file so they can revisit the training.

Here's an example of a tool I created a while back for healthcare instructors:

Hope this helps!

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