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Danny Simms

In the downloads section of this site, under the Graphics heading, is it possible for the community to collectively donate, royalty-free, owned graphics to a central repository?

Where possible I either take my own photos or create them in third-party applications. I am quite sure many of the community do this also.

David Anderson

@Danny - Great question and thanks for asking!

Right now, the best way to share your community assets--photos, templates, icons, etc--is to post them into the forums. You can create a new thread and upload a zip file either into the forums or post on your own server and share the link here. We'll promote and help spread the news to other users.

Check out the 2nd half of this post for a little more info: http://community.articulate.com/blogs/jeanette/archive/2011/03/25/new-industrial-themed-template-from-mike-taylor-and-guidelines-for-community-submissions.aspx