Seeking ideas for multidisciplinary branching scenarios

Oct 08, 2013

Dear Heroes,

I’m preparing to pitch an idea for a project that will involve a number of schools, and I’d love your creative input.  For those working in healthcare you may be aware of the momentum that IPE (Interprofessional Education) is gaining in medical education.  In a nutshell, IPE promotes collaborative teamwork by providing opportunities for students in different health disciplines to work through cases together.  The schools on our campus have varied schedules, making coordination of face to face time very challenging.  My idea is to work with SMEs from the schools to develop video scenarios that will unfold online, with decision making steps along the way that will branch to additional information or remediation.

It would be easy enough to use branching in such a way that students move through each case based on their own discipline, but I worry that keeping students in their comfort zone will prevent them from benefiting from the team-based approach.  I knew an instructor who had students write in favor of a cause they felt strongly about, then asked them to write an equally compelling argument opposing the same cause.   With this idea of “walking in another’s shoes” I’m considering having students identify their discipline upon beginning a case, then assigning them the role of another that will interact with theirs.  These cases will most likely cover months and/or years of a patient’s medical history with pieces of that information revealed over the course of a semester.  I’m hoping to obtain (SME) contributions from medicine, nursing, pharmacy, allied health, dentistry and social work.

To solicit the buy-in of the other schools I need to present this in such a way that they can visualize how these cases will play out, and that’s where I need your help.  If you have any ideas, suggestions or links to information that might help me promote this idea I would greatly appreciate it.  I can develop this in either Storyline or Studio '13.

Thanks so much!

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Karen Kahlig

Elizabeth, did you ever hear from anyone about this? I'm seeking information on a similar design idea in a retail environment in a sort of "Day in the Life" concept where learners are faced with daily challenges and must walk through the day making decisions and solving problems. I would love to hear about what you decided to do and how you did it.

This concept is not just a traditional branching scenario with three options (good, better, best), although some of the branching will occur that way. The learners will experience real consequences to real decisions, resulting in "what happens next." We aren't necessarily going to "score" the outcome. Instead, we hope to use it as an assessment to determine if the learner needs remediation before moving forward.

It's going to be a huge undertaking. We already have scenarios in mind. I'm just thinking through system limitations (SL, LMS, etc.) I've never created anything this complex (systematically).

What a cool time to be in instructional design! :) Ideas welcome!

Jeff Kortenbosch

Hi Karen,

I think the idea of scenario based learning is the way to go. the 'Day in a life' concept is a great one and with the right challenging scenarios would be great. I wouldn't worry to much about your LMS to host it or Storyline to build it.

The important thing is that you work out the scenario's and all steps involved. Then building it will be easy enough.

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