Seeking recommendations for training a software

May 07, 2021


I'm fairly new to the field and am working on building some courses. I was curious how seasoned Instructional Designers develop content when they are focused on training a software or website.

In the past, I have done screen recordings (using Camtasia) and recorded a voice over to go with those recordings. I was hoping to make the training more interactive, but am unsure where to start.

Happy Friday, everyone!

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Sarah Hodge

Hi Ashley and welcome to E-Learning Heroes! 🙂

There are a variety of ways to go about creating an interactive website/software training. This article shares a helpful process that focuses on tasks to make software training more interactive.

If you're looking into Articulate 360 apps and are not sure which ones to use for screen recording, this article gives a breakdown of each app and the types of projects their best suited for. 

And of course, I always love a good example, so here's a Rise 360 software training example that was created by Madison McCartney. 

I know that's a lot! But hopefully, that helps give you some new ideas!  

Sally Wiedenbeck

Hi Ashley,

This article from elearn Magazine is old, but the points still stand and I think are a great overview of high-level ways to use software training. The second use case discussed is a good example of the I do - we do - you do model, one common approach to software training.

Hope this helps!