Screen recordings are playing back in double speed

Jan 08, 2013

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Hi all,


I had a decent hunt through all the existing forums and it doesn’t appear that anyone else is experiencing the same issue as me.


My colleague did a bunch of screen recordings for my company, recording mainly software processes for the various business units.


I am now using the files to create some training modules. However the problem I now have is that all of the screen recordings play back in double speed.


I know you can’t change the screen recording speed post recording and as far as I know there aren’t any options to record in double time so I am wondering why all my recordings have ended up playing back in double speed?


The recordings were done without a microphone so they are silent. However if there was a mic I’m surely thinking the narration that was taking place at the time would have sounded like chimpmunks with the speed my recordings are now playing back at.


Any ideas people?


The only other bit of info to add is that my colleague was using a trial version of Articulate Storyline to record the screen/software processes, whereas I have the full licence to develop the files.



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