Seeking UK-based female voiceover artist

Sep 14, 2017


My client, a government department, wants a 50:50 split with my voice and a female voice, so as to reflect their internal gender ratio.

For a variety of reasons I will ONLY be able to consider people living in England.


1. It's a casual voiceover, "your friend" rather than "your teacher".

2. Probably about 20 "pages", sometimes just a few lines, sometimes more, not sure yet.

3. I'll be paying by the HOUR not by the page/word - £25ph +VAT, I estimate about 10 hours work max.

4. So long as you are clear with good diction, regional accents are OK (English I'm afraid, not Scottish/Welsh/Irish).

5. I'll be sending scripts out for sound test. Mono .mp3, 44100 Hz output, one .mp3 per page, and I will be offering some directional guidance once we're working together. I will absolutely want it post-produced, so no external noise, no dogs/aircraft/air-conditioning or echo please. No "end-of-sentence fading please, keep it consistent!

Perhaps this would suit someone just poking their toe into the "voiceover" world? Putting it here for a few days before going to the "Pro" marketplace, hope it suits someone.



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Bruce Graham

Hi Rachel.

Yes - If you live in the UK and can meet the requirements above, I'd be more than happy to listen to some sample work. The script not quite there yet, but want to be in a position where I know who I'm working with when it is, (a couple of weeks yet). I can be found at brucepperf AT if you want to send me a message and some samples. Thanks.

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