Share your brilliance - how to set up learner-directed navigation?

Nov 10, 2012

I really like giving folks the ability to self-direct their navigation and using a visual 'map' of the course. Right now I have a course with two main topics. Each main topic has two sub-topics.  This is my first time using story line to build a course.  Any suggestions/best practices would be most appreciated .

Do I create the 'navigation slide only once and loop back to it?  Is there a way to 'gray out' places already visited?  Does anyone have a good template for this?  Right now I'm realizing I should probally scrap the black arrows... Any and all insights would be appreciated.

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Bruce Graham

Hi Betsy...

Glad that was useful.

As you will have figured by now, this example locks the Navigation into a sequence around the Menu.

If you change the button Initial States to "Normal", and take out the Triggers that change the State depending on Completion of previous Variable, then you can have a simple menu that just puts in check-marks to indicate completion.

That way you can show progress, and allow the navigation to be totally opened.

Hope this helps.


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