Scenes thumbnail view is dysfunctional when using custom navigation....

Mar 04, 2016

Hello wonderful community! I am currently working on brainstorming the functionality of a course to be recreated in SL2 that could possibly require customized navigation. Until we get word from the client, I am testing a custom interface using variable values to control the visibility of previous and next buttons.

Now when I started testing I had left the default navigation interface active and just wasn't paying attention to using it. I figured I would just disable it later. Today was that later (no big deal) until I took a look at the Scenes thumbnail view and saw this:

The slides are going left to right now because they have no linkage as all of my navigation is on the main master slide. The good thing is that my custom navigation still works. So functionally this is not a big deal, but when I need to build the course or make changes it will be a big deal!

The solution I have come up with is to put a small invisible next button at the top right of each slide.

This is quick and easy and puts everything back to the vertical view in my scenes thumbnail view.

Still, I am left wondering if there is some other way this can be addressed?

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Crystal Horn

Hey Daniel.  Thanks for sharing your issue.  It sounds like the way the Story view looks after customizing the navigation is just not working for you.

This article from our Storyline 2 User guide gives an overview of Story view, and I was hoping that the sections about Expanding and Collapsing Scenes, and Controlling the Presentation Order would be helpful for you in better organizing your slides.

Let us know what you think!

Daniel Sposato (Philly)

Hey Crystal, Thanks for your response. The issue was with the Slide View more so that the Story View as I am viewing that to navigate through the slides in a scene (It seems that they are one in the same structure wise though). I've found a way to make this not be an issue but am wondering if there is a setting or something that I was missing that would be easier than putting a button on each slide to correct the the way the slides view in the Slide View.

Crystal Horn

Ah, I see what you're saying.  Tiny little thumbnails aligned horizontally on the scenes panel on the left.  I'm not sure if you've tried this too, but you could undock the scenes panel and enlarge it to a workable size.

Undocked and Enlarged scenes

Other than that, there is no setting but to drag the Scenes panel wider, which would compromise the space you have for your slide.  Let me know if this helps!

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