Storyline 2 Nav Menu not showing Visited

Some of the sections on the left navigation menu are not showing up as "visited" (greyed out) when they have been visited. This is true for only three scenes in a course I'm developing. I am using restricted navigation, so the scenes that show "not visited" (even though they have been), can also not be clicked on if the learner wants to go back to revisit that content. I've attached a screen capture of the issue.

I have no idea why these three scenes are not registering "visited" on the Storyline 2 left navigation menu. Any ideas?

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Karen

do you have any variables or conditions on any slides within those scenes that may be conflicting with the 'visited' state?  It's correct that the learner should not be able to click directly on those scenes if they try and revisit if they have not already accessed - this is restricted nav working.

Happy to take a look if you want to upload your story file