Share Your Freebies Here Week 3: #53Freebies

Jan 16, 2017

Hi everyone,

Monday again, so time for a whole new week of amazing Freebies.

This week I want to share a cool tip to speed up your workflow in Storyline, with variables and states.  

Last week I was working on a project. In this project there was a slide with a text box. There were 15 different states added to this text box, when I got some feedback from my client. They wanted to change the text on 11 of the 15 states!!!

As a solution for future changes was to use two variables. Changing the text of een Text variable is so much easier than to go in every single state to change the text.

Here is a short demo.

Demo and downloads


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Michael Palko

Montse Anderson designed and shared this great accordion interaction which I subsequently stole, er...implemented for one of my projects.  As a meager way to say thanks to her and to the community for all their help over the years, I've added variables and triggers so the learner always returns to the layer they started from.

Ridvan  Saglam

This week, I'm sharing another game template which is also my entry for ELH Challenge #156.

Some friends asked for the template and I thought it is a good idea to share it here. This is another grammar quiz which I created for a language school. I removed their logo and made some small changes. Hope you like it. 

Here is the demo;

I also prepared a quick screencast of the game. 


Richard Watson

Wow! We are already in Week 3.  

Here is my offering for the week. 6 free photos to use as you will. You can download them by visiting my post here:

6 Free Images

I've also created a Twitter image to use for the #53 Freebies series when I post my freebies. To create this image, I used our Downloads section to grab FREE elements from Joanna Kurpiewska ( and Tom Kuhlmann (

I've attached it to this post if you want to use it. You guessed it, it's FREE!

Freebies Twitter Image #53Freebies

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