Should I do it? What am I missing?

Sep 15, 2016

Hey everyone, wondering if you think this would be a good idea....hole myself up in a remote cabin for a while and knock out something spectacular? What's missing?

Have a rough outline for "Designing e-Learning Scenarios" Course 

Will teach you how to (no specific order, just key ideas)

  • Come up with realistic options for a scenario
  • Keep scenario focused on what people actually need to do
  • Figure out what business problem you need to have to solve
  • Connect your scenario to a business goal or problem
  • Stop the guessing game of what people will find engaging
  • Get everyone on your team ready to develop scenarios with the right mindset
  • Make your scenarios relevant and useful to employees
  • Work with your SME to extract good scenario content
  • Get good at scenarios without overwhelm
  • Introduce scenarios to your organization
  • How to use emotions and story to create learning that sticks

I will deconstruct scenario's that are already out there to connect each step to a real life example (e.g. Broken Co-Worker)

Lesson Plan - proposed flow of actionables and micro lessons

Module 1: Introduction

Figure out the business problem.

Decide how a scenario will solve this problem.

Module 2: How are you going to assess success?
Draft Solid Goals

Write out the process of acquiring this skill.

Decide on assessment and performance metrics

Bonus: How to use Spaced Learning with scenarios to get 5X the ROI

Module 3: How to draft good, bad and neutral paths?

Draft your first scenario

Add context and challenge

Revisit scenario and double down on consequences

Amp up emotion - integrate storytelling components

Module 4: Build and Test

Build out a scenario for test users to work through

Decide the minimum amount of content needed

How to manage supplementary resources (PDF’s, etc.)

Launch & Gather Feedback and Results


Anything else - specific topics or ideas that need more consideration?

Let me know what you think! Thanks very much for checking this out :)



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Bob S

Cool idea!  If I can be so bold, you may want to add....

  • When is it worth investing in scenario creation
  • Ways to keep scenarios evergreen
  • How to create "good" bad choices  (aka - creating realistic incorrect responses is harder than it seems)

Regarding the first two above, the reality is that scenarios require more investment so knowing the best ways to invest is key.

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