Simulating responsive (or adaptive) design

May 10, 2016

I need to design a course that will display well on both a phone and a tablet. I don't mind designing 2 player templates for this, but I want it to be fairly seamless for the user. They will access the course through am LMS, but I don't want them to jump through hoops to figure out which course to choose. Do I design for phone, and if they are using are using on tablet, there is just a lot of whitespace in portrait mode? Do I design an instant of each (phone and tablet) and they have to pick the right one from the LMS? I prefer not to do that. Any suggestions on how others might have handled the same situation?

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Nicole Legault

I think in general it's a good idea to design once, and probably for the smallest device. But, this will depend on what proportion of your audience will  be accessing the courses through the devices? If 90% of your audience will use tablets, and 10% will use their phones to access the course, then it might be better to design for tablet size. If the numbers are reversed, then maybe designing smaller would be better. I'd love to hear what others in the community have to say about this as well... 

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