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Nov 10, 2011

Hi All,

The LMS I ususally use has the capacity to design skill gap tests to identify any knowledge gaps, develop a training plan based on the gaps and auto-enrol the student into the suggested courses.

A client wishes to have this feature but does not want to use a LMS. I have been racking my brains thinking how it can be done in Quizmaker.

I need to be able to ask a series of questions (that are related to underpinning skills), and at the end of the test, have the skill gaps identified. If the person can be pushed into the skill area lesson as well, that would be a bonus. Difficult without SCORM and LMS capacity I believe.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Kind regards


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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Danny! Depending on your content, this could possibly be done by customizing your result slide to show scoring brackets that help the learner interpret their score, and then provide a hyperlink to the appropriate additional course(s) that learners can complete. The challenge with using Quizmaker for this, though,is that the result slides are really only set up to display pass or fail status - there isn't currently a way to show how the learner scored in different categories or groups of questions, so it might be difficult to provide the kind of robust feedback/remedial help that you're looking for. This approach might come close to what you need.

Bob S


Maybe a band-aid solution might be creating multiple smaller QM tests? 

Group the assessment questions together into like categories/topics. Use your suggested remediation courses to drive your question groupings. Then have a fail result serve up a link to that course.

Not perfect, but might work until you come upon a better solution.


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