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Jun 07, 2012

I am currently working on a class that is going to have a lot of demos with information about policies and procedures explained before/after the demo's.

I created this little interaction where the scene changes to black and white with text boxes to emphasize some policy info before the demo begins. When the demo begins, the scene will return to color.



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Jeanette Brooks

Love it Eric! That's such a neat effect! One thing you might experiment with is using a fade transition on the slide layer, rather than apply individual fade animations on the objects that reside on the layer. That way the learner won't see "ghosting" of the objects that appear behind Atsumi when the fade to black and white occurs. I also noticed that the location of images on the slide layer were just a few pixels different than the objects on the base layer, so there was a slight shift when the screen turns black&white and then back to color. If you go to the Size & Position window, you can select the exact location to make sure it matches the original. I attached a slightly tweaked version so you could see what these changes would look like.

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