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Feb 12, 2014

Hello there Heroes!

Any good advice on where to find royalty free sound clips and effects?  I'm open to subscriber based services as well.  I'm hesitant to click on downloadable content found in Google searches from sites like soundbible.  Am I being to cautious?  Where do you get your sound clips from?

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Bruce Graham

Allen Quesada said:

Hi Kristen:  this website have great sound effect for free:

Allen - remember that many of the sounds here (such as the Flyby you point to...) are made available under Creative Commons Attribution 3, so a course containing them needs to contain the correct attribution to the creator. That is something that many courses produced for e.g. Freelancers, or internal departments for companies will not necessarily want to do.

Very often, if you want good sounds, and want to use them in a commercial setting, you need just to buy them, as someone, somewhere went to the effort of creating them, and needs to be paid - or if not paid, be recognised for the creative work.

Skip Hagan

For those of you who work in the commercial/professional world, with a budget to spend, you might want to keep an eye on They have a great collection of sound effects and soundtracks for sale, among other useful items. The reason you need to watch this site is they have frequent sales with major discounts. These make the purchase much more attractive.

I now own all the sound F/X and the soundtracks that I like. It took me a while to acquire them, however, as I waited until what I wanted went on sale.

My lighting kits have also come from them. Over the past few years, I have spent a few thousand dollars at Digital Juice. This is a small fraction of what I would have spent, if I were not willing to wait for the items to come on a reduced price sale.

I have never been disappointed by these folks and they didn't give me anything to say that, either.  

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