Space Slider Quick Game in Storyline360 FREEBIE

Aug 30, 2018

Remember those good 80s arcade games like Defender, Galaga, etc? Here's a starter of sorts using a modified slider for the interaction. I developed this concept for ELH Challenge 205 and here's the freebie.

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Cheryl Powers

Thank you to both staff and eLearning heroes for sharing your ideas and work.  All of the contributions in this space are super helpful to me, Even though I'm at a somewhat beginner level of development, I always pick out components from examples like yours to learn a new concept or two.  I have recently started using more variables/triggers mostly for state changes.  Seeing yours that counted life lost was great inspiration.  I have also not moved objects using motion paths. So its use here was cool and a light bulb went off in my head about potential uses.  I'll think about how to use a slider, perhaps in a question/answer - trying to figure out how to make compliance training more engaging. Thank you.  

Darren Heath

That's a great example Alexander. I have toyed with something similar using SL3 but havent had time to progress it further than a very early beta version: 

You move the ship using the left and right arrow keys and press space bar to fire. My plan is to have rocks randomly fly down from the top which you have to avoid/shoot. that isnt implemented yet but you can launch a rock by pressing R. Staying in position 5 will show how the damage increases the more the ship gets hit until the point of obliteration! 

Have plenty of plans for developing this further just lacking the time at the moment. Hopefully in the future I'll be able to post a fully working version of the game.

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