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Bruce Graham

Hi Renee...

Not wanting to appear dumb here, but if he's doing his own recording, can you not insist he scripts it, and just use that for distribution?

I'm concerned about letting an SME go "native" with an unscripted recording - you may end up with content that many of the learners have no interest in, or use for anyway!

That's what usually happens IMHO.


Michael Case

Hi Renee,

I have found that no matter what text-to-speech program I use, there are far too many oddities in pronunciation to efficiently and cost effectively use one for narration. Besides, finding a professional narrator is easy, and depending on who you choose, it can be inexpensive as well.

Check out The Narrator Files. They price narration by the page, which will save you A LOT of money, and they have exemplary voice talent as well.