SPIN THE WHEEL - trivia quiz game

Jun 11, 2019

Hey, all!

I want to share a quiz game I have been working on. User spins the wheel and lands on a random number of possible points. Then she/he answers the question and, if they know their stuff, wins the points. The game has 5 questions that are randomly pulled from 15. Then the user can try again and try and beat their previous score.


Everything, except the questions itself, is happening in the master slide. The wheel has a spin entrance animation, but I have used radial blur on the image, so it comes off like it's spinning really fast. Then I use a random number variable to get a number between 1 and 6, which I use a condition to display the final half spin of each of the 6 images I use for different points.

All the feedbacks are in the feedback master slides, where points are added if answered correctly. The sound and the checkmark/x is also in the feedback master. The feedback layers on the main slides have zero objects, everything is in the feedback master, so it makes the whole project much more versatile and easy to fix.

Questions are freeform pick ones, so the answers are shuffled every time. I use a Quiz bank of 15 questions and randomly use 5 for the quiz, which makes the quiz repeatable at least a few times.

Images, the source file and full tutorial on how to build this is available for free at MasterStoryline.com

Post your high score in the comments! :)

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