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Sep 18, 2014

Hi I have a client that wants a splash Welcome page where you can choose English or French .... then when the learner chooses, it launches that particular storyline file (ie I would have one English stolryline file and one French storyline file). Can this be done? If so, how?

I'm sure you've seen the same idea on government web pages.


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john faulkes

Sure it can be done Dianne.

Create a your English version and your French version, and publish them. When you view them, note the URLs (web addresses).

Then create a very small storyline file to act as your splash. The buttons for French and English - create triggers and select the 'Jump to URL...' action. Put in the URLs of the versions. Publish this, and it should act as a menu to choose between the versions.

there is another way of course. Just have the English and French content in different parts of one SL file, and use a front menu that goes to either one on demand.


Dianne MacKay

Thanks Matthew, but I don't think that is going to work. The course will be hosted on the client's LMS. They tested the English version and there isn't a URL.

I would really like to keep the English Course and French Course as two separate SL files, but I don't think it will work if I don't have URLs for them.

So is the only other option to make one big course that starts with the Splash page... then jumps to the first slide of the English part or French part, depending on what the learner clicks on the splash page? I don't really like this idea because then the menu shows both the English and French course, plus, I can't change the player buttons halfway through the SL file to have French text.

Any other options????

Wendy Farmer

Hi Dianne

do you need to use the player menu or could you create a 2 x custom menus inside SL.  When they select the button on the splash page for English, a T/F is triggered and if they click/hover a menu button that custom menu would display for English or if they selected French button on splash page, click hover menu button custom menu for French

Haven't tested it — just food for thought.

I'm sure a superhero will come to your rescue

Bruce Graham


You are doing everything right, and yes - you have uncovered what is a large "hole" for multinational/multi-language courses, the fact that you cannot dynamically change the menu and/or player depending on the chosen route.

We just got round it by deleting the menu from everything entirely, and, (sad to say...) this was all OK because every byte was locked down and had to be viewed by the lucky learners anyhow :(

Getting the "mandatory quiz" at the end to work in 10 language streams, only ever parsing the one appropriate result to the LMS was virtually a project on its own......

My recommendation?

One splash page - two courses - using the LMS functionality in some way to do this.

Bruce Graham

We actually found a way to track, using information from these forums - because we tracked on Quiz results.

We took the Pass Result variable from each quiz Results Slide, and passed it to the final slide, which was actually a Results slide, (variables hidden off-stage), then (on the assumption that everyone only took one language), that final Results slide (with everything stripped out except the fact that it was a results slide) submitted to the LMS.

It worked - but for menus, you need to go down the "multi-course" route if you want differentiated GUI/menu displays.


I previously shared an example of an alternative solution to this with a single course.

My variation uses a single quiz with variables that serve as content placeholders. Based on the language selected, the actual questions and answers are loaded from other variables. Upside = single quiz. Downside = lots of variables to manage but you can easily use MS Word or Excel to handle this.

Here is a screenr and the .story file.

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