State animation


I want that the pointer move between 0 and 80 on the Right half of the Zone.

If you turn the power button on, the pointer should move to 80 with Rotation Animation (2-3 sec-) and back if you turn the power off. It should also works even if you repeat the on/off process more than once (I tried it but it seems that there is something wrong in my example).


Thanks for your help :)

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Rick Maranta

Hi Fiedel. the problem here is that when you use those animations like that, the rotation entrance animation is considered to end in that rotated position for that state. You need to think of it as a different image than the one in the Off state. So each time you show that state you are telling the On image to rotate again from that same point. However, I tried NOT using states but just the needle image and using an entrance spin animation and then an exit spin animation the other way but it does the same thing. I guess the entrance animation remembers where it was. I thought since it spun the same image that it would remember where it ended up but apparently not. You will need to do something different to achieve what you are trying to do.

I will keep looking at it.

Take are


Steve Gannon

Hi Fiedel,

Did you know that you can make one dial trigger another dial to rotate? See the file attached.

When your switch is rotated to the On position, a layer gets triggered to decrement the value of the second dial by 2 degrees. This layer in turn triggers another layer to go back and trigger the first layer, repeating the process in a rapid loop until the dial has reached the desired number of degrees. 

Another pair of layers spins the dial in the opposite direction when you rotate your switch to the Off position.