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Hi Guys,

My company is looking at purchasing an annual licence to a stock image site. We are looking for somewhere were we can get images with transparent backgrounds, at a reasonable annual price.

Does anyone have any recommendations?

I've looked at the usual Istock, shutterstock and Dreamstime, but they're just a little bit too expensive.



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David Price

I think it depends on what type of images you are after really. I've not come across an stock photo sites that do images with transparent backgrounds but I may be wrong. How about eLearning Brothers?

If your after Vector images I would recommend Most images are 1 credit to download (I think its $1 per credit) and you get the Adobe Illustrator version which means you can remove backgrounds, etc, however they aren't photos.

Kyle Main

I always user

I use the filter for Illustrations and then Vector if I don't want to have to use photoshop to remove the background

I understand wanting images without the background already, I know when I worked at IstockPhoto the large .tiff files at the old prices had the background taken out on files with the keyword "Isolation" plus didn't need large images and tiffs, so when I searched Isolation, 95% of the time in photoshop I could use the want with 1 px to select and cut the background - these images were made without a background most often, but in the process of uploading to stock sites, and the companies auto resizing them as .Jpgs, it looses all the transparent happiness.

There was a company Photo Objects but I think they were bought out, It would be exactly what you want, but I don't know who bought them, I loved that site for just buy size and import to my projects. saved a lot of time.

I say canstock instead of istock because the prices are so much lower