Reasonably Priced Stock Photo Sites

We have a team of 3 people who need a stock photo site. The options seem to be either 10 images a month (too little) or 750 images a month (too much). We are looking to keep the price within $2k a year. We are an internal team, not a huge production shop or anything like that.

We do use free resources as well, but would like a solid stock photo site to pull from.

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Christy Tucker

I've been using CanStockPhotos, which lets me just purchase credits. My stock photo needs are very uneven (no images for 2 months, then 100 images in the next month), so subscriptions are hard for me. I can often get images for about $1.50-$2.00 each that way.

Two other sites worth exploring are Dreamstime and 123rf. Both of those are also more reasonable.

Ihor Meshkov

Hi, Rachel

You can find a big library of royalty-free stock photos and cutout people photos at There is no need to purchase a subscription for a month or a year and there are no restrictions on the amount of downloadable products. Just choose the photo(s) you need. Very convenient. And also there are some cutout photos for free.