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Danielle Delgeras

Sorry, I actually have a copyright question too. I don't mean to hijack this conversation, but there doesn't seem to be a search function to look through the discussions to find something relevant. Or I am just missing it. Anyway, my question isn't about images, but about content itself. I am creating a course on social media marketing and what to quote some information from a few articles, like this one on Twitter cards, but I'm not sure how to do this without getting myself into trouble. Some kind of "works cited" or "resources consulted" page thrown in at the end seems really tacky and amateur, but I know that I need to reference the source somehow. So how do I go about this and how can I include this necessary information in a way that isn't completely amateur looking? Also, do I need to get permission to quote information that is publicly available like this even with a reference to the source? I assume that many courses are created citing external sources, so if you can also direct me to some so I can see how others have approached this, that would also be helpful.