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Feb 07, 2011

I want to have text move nicely along the screen in a nice straight line. I know can animate the text to move to the lft and get the same effect but...

Is there an easy way to make a stock ticker or moving text in Power Point?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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David Anderson

The crawl is pretty cool. I think the only time I've really used the Crawl In was for a demo on rolling logs:

It works well and is surprisingly smooth. Seriously amazed at all we can do w/PowerPoint.

When you say "write Flash" do you mean you can script the text animation? or would you use simple motion tweens to create it?

James Brown

With Flash you actually have individual objects so If I wanted a ticker with 20 different messages, this is a very simply thing to create. The object would simply be a movie and  you use tweens to add the animation. Each symbol has an action script to tell it what to do at the end of the movie.  I simply tell the action script to loop back to frame 1. What I find kind of annoying with Power Point is that you cannot seem to loop multiple animations which is something very easily controlled in Flash. I have been getting a variety of mixed results. When I tell the last animation to keep playing until next slide it keeps repeating the last effect instead of looping back to the first animation. There probably is a way to do this with custom slides but I just haven't been able to get it to behave. Granted Power Point has came a long ways, IMHO it still has a long way to go when it comes to building robust animations.

Jeff ("JP") Redman

I have this effect working, but if I start another "on click" animation the "ticker" / crawl effect stops. The only way I have found to make the crawl continue and have other effect occur "on top" of it, is to make all the subsequent effects start automatically (as "With Previous" or "After Previous" animations)

Does anyone know away to make the crawl continue while you start "On Click" animations.


Zara Ogden

James Brown said:

Wow -- all that to sync animations. I'm curious if flash users simply have the option of modifying the created fla file created by Articulate? If that is the case, I would much rather fix the affects in flash as opposed to trying to do it in Power Point.

I am sure there are many ways to sync animation but the way I showed in the screenr is done with PPT and Articulate. I admit I have no knowledge of Flash and is on my list of skills to acquire soon. But with that said once you get used to syncing animation it gets really easy. The Articulate process is fairly straight forward. Perhaps in my screenr I didn't give it justice. 

Basically all you do is have you animations in PPT set to "on click" and then your open the Sync Animation screen. You press sync animations and click the button every time you want to according to your audio or what ever. The nice thing about it too is that you can program animation to work "after previous" and "on click" to mash-up the desired effect. For example in the last screenr I have the turning Pallet Truck animated "on click " and "after previous".

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