Presenter 09 Animation works in powerpoint, but not in Presenter


Before we start, I know the software is old. With that said, I am trying to create an animation that looks like a stock market ticker crawling across the bottom of the screen. My audio for the slide is 29 seconds. I am trying to have the crawl run the duration of the audio. I set the crawl to last 31 seconds, to cover the overlap where there would be a blank space when the crawl runs out of text. However, it always seems to stop 11 seconds short and run faster than the 31 seconds I set it to, no matter what setting I use. I did use the animation feature of "run until the end of the slide." While this animation works in Powerpoint, it does not work in presenter. Additionally, I changed the text box that contained the crawl to an image and had the same problems. How do you pull off an animation that you want to run the duration of the slide successfully in presenter? 

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