Working with 'on-click' PowerPoint animations

Hi Leslie,

I need to create an ‘on-click’ animation that makes and object appear and disappear on a PowerPoint slide. The slide has audio. The audio should play continuously regardless of the animation.

I am trying to do this using the appear and disappear animations in PowerPoint and adding the audio through the articulate tab in PowerPoint. When I preview this slide the audio works fine but the animation executes itself automatically after 5 seconds. It is not starting ‘on-click’. Is there any way to make the animation appear/disappear when I click on the mouse?

Also, is there any way to allow the user to repeat this animation as many times as he wants while he is still on the current slide?

Thank you!

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Marcelo G

Adding the narration to the playlist works. The narration does not stop each time you jump from slide to slide. The only downside is that you cannot stop or replay the narration on those slides. I think this is still a better option than having interruptions in the narration.

Thank you for the help.