Story size: making better use of screen real estate

I am eternally grateful for all the wonderful tips we receive via E-Learning Heroes. Many of those course samples, however, are stuck in the default story size from the very beginnings of Storyline: 720 x 540 pixels.

PC monitors have gotten much bigger since then, with a far larger pixel count (smartphones and tablets, too). At the same time, Internet connection speed has increased exponentially around the world. There's no longer a need for a tiny story that takes up only a fraction of a viewer's monitor, as shown in the recent example below.
story size sample on ultrawide monitor
In my opinion, you should start with a larger story size (I've gone all the way up to 1920 x 1080 — full HD — with no issues). Also, make sure your imagery is up to the task of the larger pixel count.

You should then set your Storyline Player to "Scale player to fit browser window." Fortunately, this part only applies to the Classic player. The new Modern player takes care of this for you — so no more postage stamp-sized courses!

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