Storyboarding Animations

Oct 10, 2012

A dilemma I've been faced with recently is how to storyboard busy animations. The goal is to provide stakeholders an early glimpse of what ideas an animation will convey without spending the development time to flesh it out completely. The downside is without the finer nuances of an animation's movement and timing the idea doesn't always get across. 

Currently I'm using separate PowerPoint slides to storyboard each significant change in the animation. This works great if the animation is simple like a bullet appears along with a corresponding image. But something more complex like a box that grows overtime as dollar signs fall into it is more difficult and risks the stakeholder missing the point. 

I guess I could use PowerPoint animations. Although the last stakeholder review used printouts, and I often end up animating in Flash. Maybe I need to branch out into industries to research... look at some Disney cartoon storyboards or something.

Any other suggestions? How do you storyboard animations?

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Jerson  Campos

Looking into how animators or even film storyboards are done to show motion without the motion would be your best bet. This is the first link that popped up whenI looked for storyboard techniques. The use of arrows helps in showing motion. Like your growing box idea, you can draw arrows on the four corners of the box pointing outward to show that it will grow in size. The key to storyboards is you want it simple enough and produced fast enough (for many possible changes) but still convey the message it intends.

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